Understanding The catheter-free Bravo pH Monitoring System

What Is The catheter-free Bravo pH Monitoring System?

The catheter-free Bravo pH Monitoring System is revolutionizing the way pH testing is done. Bravo allows patients to maintain their regular diet and activities during pH testing. And because it is catheter-free, the added convenience for patients allows more information representative for physicians. The pH System is easy to place during endoscopy. Bravo puts pH testing in the hands of every GI physician. With 24-hour or 48-hour monitoring and powerful diagnostic software. Bravo provides the advanced, yet simple-to-use tool physicians need for accurately diagnosing GERD.



Designed for Greater Accuracy

Since patients are ableto maintain their regular diet and activities, pH data more accurately reflects patient's physiologic condition.


Increased Clinical information

The Bravo capsule system doubles the amount of diagnostic information compared with other pH systems.


More comfortable for Patients

The catheter-free system minimizes throat and nasal discomfort associated with traditional pH catheters.


Bravo phMore conveinient for Patients

The small pager-sized receiver allows patients complete freedom to carry out their normal activities.


Easy to Use

The user-friendly Windows® based Bravo pH Analysis Software simplifies pH data analysis for the clinician.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Bravo study take? Depending on your symptoms, the Bravo study period evaluates esophageal pH for 24 or 48 hours while you go about your normal activities.


Will the Bravo procedure restrict my diet and activities? Since the Bravo procedure is catheter-free and the Bravo Receiver is the size of a conventional pager, you may go about your normal activities without any restrictions.


What happens after the Bravo study? After the study period you will need to return the Bravo Receiver to your physician so your study can be uploaded to a computer and analyzed by your physician. You will be provided with the results soon after your test.


What are the benefits of the Bravo System? Compared to the traditional pH test, the Bravo pH System provides greater comfort and convenience. Since there are no tubes sticking out of patient's noses, throat and nasal discomfort are virtually eliminated. In addition, patients can shower during their study and are able to get a restful night of sleep.


Prescription only. Please refer to the instructions for use for indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.


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